Our Core

Our Aim

To help make people’s lives, better, by providing decent, affordable and secure homes for those that are, or at risk of becoming, homeless. Through our Clients - Social Letting Agencies, who have a similar set of values and aims.

Only with this in place, and together with the right opportunities and support, can our residents begin to move forward, and begin to achieve a healthier and happier life and become a net contributor to society. 

Our Approach

Our simple yet effective approach involves a three-step process that enables us to meet client needs... 


When we have a potential new client, stage one is to sit down with them and find out exactly what their Resident’s needs are. The type of property they need, the location, the rent level, the number of bedrooms, etc.


Then we do an intensive search for potential properties that may meet those needs and present them to the Client.


If the Client is comfortable that one or several of the properties will potentially meet their needs, then Core Homes will purchase them and refurbish to the Core Homes standard, which is decent, affordable and secure. The property will then be leased to the SLA Client for an agreed period. Providing more security for the future resident.